1.Q: Who is eligible to attend your program?

2.Q: How do I sign-up for your program?

3.Q: If my child will be joining your program, may I send the signed forms and payment with him/her to give to you on his/her first day?

4.Q: How much does your program cost?

5.Q: When can we join your program?

6.Q: How long do I have to commit to attend the program?

7.Q:What if we need to leave the program for a month because of sports and extracurriculars?

8.Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

9.Q: Where can I pay?

10.Q: Will my child be able to leave your program during the day to attend extracurriculars on-campus, such as band and organized sports teams?

11.Q: Is my child able to come and go freely from the Complete Childcare site?

12.Q: Do you pro-rate shorter months, such as December and March?

13.Q: When are payments due?

14.Q: Can I pay for more than one month at a time?

15.Q: Do you offer payment help or reduced rates for low-income households?

16.Q: What is your tax ID number?

17.Q: Where should my child report to?

18.Q: What if my child will not be in the program on a given day?

19.Q: Are students with disabilities and/or special needs eligible to attend your program?

20.Q: Do you provide one-on-one services to children with special needs?

21.Q: Is my child allowed to use their cell phone or other electronics at your program?

22.Q: What if my child uses his/her phone?

23.Q: What is the Movie Release portion of the application for?

24.Q: What is the Media Release portion of the application for?

25.Q: What if I’m running late and will not be able to get there by 5:30?

26.Q: Is my child allowed to sign themselves out at 5:30 and wait outside for me?

27.Q: What is the best way to get in contact with your program?

28.Q: School is letting out at 12:30pm this week due to early release days, what time will your program start?

29.Q: Do you give out tax documents each year for the payments we make to your program?

30.Q: When and where can I get my Annual Payment Summary?